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05 Jun 2023

Mateos Gago Street is the ‘entrance’ of the Santa Cruz district and starts in Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes, next to the cathedral. The street is known for the view it offers on the Giralda and the many tapas bars.

The street is located at the highest point of the historic district, with remains of the Archiepiscopal Palace from Roman times. It was inhabited again in the Islamic period and important works were carried out during the rule of the Almohads. Due to the surroundings of both the Great Mosque (nowadays the cathedral) sever...

02 Jun 2023

Are you still looking for a bit of cooling down and do you think the sea is too far? Then there is also the possibility to perform various water sports on the Guadalquivir. This way you can dab, kayak and row.

The Guadalquivir:

This river used to be one of the largest ports in the world. The river is now 604 km long and therefore also mouths from the Cádiz sun 140 km below Seville. This river is so famous for the various water sports because there is no up / down current on the Guadalquivir and no freight traffic. So all you se...

29 May 2023

Archivo de Indias

The Archivo General de Indias or the archive of “Las Indias or the New World” in Seville is one of the most important archives in the world. In this building you will find more than 10 kilometers of shelves full of very important documentation from the Spanish colonial era in America, from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

Originally, this building was the trade fair from 1584 of the traders' consulate, for gold, silver, herbs, and cocoa between Spain and the “New World”. These products entered Europe via...

27 May 2023

Yes, this is a very good question and I will help you with this. Because how can you spend those 4 days the best in a city with so much to see? This blog will help you with this and we make sure you do not miss anything in your 4 days in Seville.

Day 1:
It wouldn't be day one if you didn't start your first day with a bike tour. With this you see a large part of the city and you immediately have a first impression of the city and of course, not unimportant, a sense of direction! You will be at the door here at 9:45 and...

22 May 2023

Fuente de las Ranas is part of the Maria Luisa Park, but why is this fountain special? I will tell you that because the frogs are very popular.

This frog fountain is the oldest fountain in the whole area, from 1914. It was made by Manuel García-Montalván, who made two similar copies for Tenerife and Mexico City.

The fountain consists of eight ceramic frogs standing in around a duck resting on a turtle. The mouth of the frogs and the duck's beak function as a fountain.

During the civil war, the fountain was partia...

19 May 2023

You know it as a ‘ football derby ’. And yes, this Sunday It is that time again. Sevilla Fc or Real Betis? It is an important question in the Andalusian capital. Because Seville not only likes flamenco and tapas, but is also a great football crazy city. The Seville FC match against Real Betis will take place this Sunday at 9:00 PM in the stadium of Sevilla FC.

So you can imagine that this city will revive when its kind of competition arrives. That evening, all of Seville will take to the streets to watch the football match in the fir...

15 May 2023

On holiday to Spain? We'll help you with dishes you can find on the menu:

A typical Spanish dish which, depending on the region, contains the following main ingredients: Rice, seafood such as fish and crustaceans, chicken pieces, tomato base, white beans, slicing beans and saffron. An important part is that the rice is cooked in the stock of fish and crustaceans or chicken. In analucia, similar dishes are also simply called 'árroz' 'rice' and often prepared with rabbit meat.


is a cold s...

13 May 2023

We Dutch people know Ascension day as a long weekend and a holiday. But here in Spain, it's a little different. But how?

An immediate answer is therefore difficult to find out. Ascension  day is indeed the day that Jesus Christ was ascended by God. His father in heaven always falls on Thursday. Exactly ten days before Pentecost. And also 39 days after Easter, also called the week of Semana Santa here in Spain and especially in Seville.

In Seville,  Jesus Christ ascension is a lot less important than the s...

08 May 2023

<p><img alt="" height="480" src="/sites/default/files/image0_9_1.jpeg" title="Aníbal González" width="640" />He is known as ‘the architect of Seville’. Aníbal González has done so many things for Seville, some so important, that he has more than earned his nickname. Anyone who visits Seville does not escape these buildings. Some of them will come to Seville specially for his buildings. Aníbal González was born in Seville in 1876 and studied architecture in Madrid. He went through...

05 May 2023

You've probably all read it. It is very hot in Seville and we can call it the record week. Here in Seville, we are dealing with temperature figures around 38 degrees. If you want to look up the cool this is not the place ;)

Why the record week?

Here in Spain, we also deal with the record weeks this week. For 21 days, the highest temperature since the first measurement was measured in 1500. Also, April 2023 is now the warmest month measured since 1950.

How do these warm temp pictures come about?

Currently, Spa...